6 Best Computer Vision Vendors

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3 min readMay 23, 2021

Computer vision technology is one of the sectors in artificial intelligence with which people are most familiar. There are several practical applications for using computer vision. This can include everything from defect detection in manufacturing to geospatial AI analysis to microscopy in healthcare AI.

The computer vision market is growing at an exponential rate and is reaching into all sectors of the economy. Whether you need to build transportation security, improve retail marketing strategies, or develop better healthcare systems, the technological advancements you’ll likely need will require the expertise of a computer vision vendor. Both business leaders and innovators will want to pay attention to the following computer vision vendors.

1. Chooch

Chooch provides artificial intelligence that can recognize people, objects, and concepts in visual data. They have a patented classification image analyzation system that mimics human visual perception. This capability features computer vision with greater speed, accuracy, flexibility, and scale. They can offer standardized as well as customized AI models. You can remotely manage their cameras and edge devices from the Chooch Dashboard. The Chooch artificial intelligence system has more than 200,000 classes to choose from. You can get a demo on the AI app.

2. Matroid

Matroid features custom vision inspection for different types of manufacturing. They also offer security options that build on existing infrastructure you may already have. Their technology enables a company to complete post-event forensic investigation of people and objects. Their data entry system, however, is sometimes complex and their detection capabilities are still developing. You’ll want to find a computer vision vendor that provides excellent detection that can protect lives as well as lower overall costs.

3. Clarifai

Clarifai specializes in moderating content with artificial intelligence applications. They promote features that can protect your online content from toxic or threatening language. They can help a business build hackathon apps quickly with a few customized modifications. The platform, however, does lack the ability to create projects that are more complex. It’s important that a company has the ability to create a variety of custom AI models.

4. Microsoft Custom Vision

Microsoft provides customization for your business’s specific needs. They can offer a user-friendly interface for developing computer vision that provides real-time image recognition. You can also export your particular model to mobile devices. Microsoft lacks strength in the area of edge AI, and the overall platform performance is not ready to meet the needs of most enterprise-level applications.

5. Planet Labs

Planet Labs focuses on space and analytics with an emphasis on imaging satellites. They also offer services for agriculture and government agencies. The vendor features excellent high spatial resolution technology. While their services are useful for a variety of industries including insurance companies, energy, and even education, there are limitations regarding their specialty areas. You’ll want a computer vision vendor that not only supplies excellent geospatial AI solutions but also a broad range of expert computer vision services.

6. AWS Sagemaker

Sagemaker stores all testing, training, and models together, making it easy to access them. They also offer a cloud-based system with the choice of multiple servers. Their platform can provide specific control on some of the basic elements, but still needs quite a bit of coding to import data and set up various projects in comparison to other providers. This can be complex for anyone without an extensive programming background.

Computer Vision Platform Selection

While other computer vision vendors have strong points, none can match the flexibility that Chooch Computer Vision Platform offers. Their workflow includes design, collection, labeling, development, testing, integration, and growth. Chooch computer vision technology can track the use of instruments in operating rooms, monitor OSHA compliance on industrial sites, and analyze product interactions in retail stores. When looking for a computer vision vendor that can offer your company a variety of expert technology services, contact Chooch for more information.



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